We need parent volunteers to operate the concession stand at all home athletic events.  All volunteers will get FREE admission to the game the day they volunteer.

Why do we have to work concessions?

The concession stand is the PTA’s biggest fundraiser.  Proceeds help fund everything the PTA does for our kids. Examples:

  • Pizza/drinks for Athlete’s End of Season Equipment/Uniform turn in

  • Back to school fun fest

  • Hospitality at all athletic and club banquets

  • Game and Movie Nights

  • STAR student achievement program

  • Scholarships for staff and students

What happens if no one signs up to volunteer?

THERE WILL BE NO CONCESSIONS that day. This is a bummer for your so or daughter if they need Gatorade or water for the game and concessions isn’t open.  It happened during basketball season last year!  Complete bummer to have to run to store and miss your child play because concessions didn’t have volunteers to run it!

Where are the concession stands located?

For indoor sports, the stand is in the hallway before the gym entrance

For football, the stand is located outside by the football field.  It says SNACK BAR on the back facing the parking lot.

How do I sign up?

Click on the link to your child’s sport and it will take you directly to the sign up page:



Boys’ Basketball – schedule coming soon

Girls’ Basketball – schedule coming soon

Wrestling – schedule coming soon

Chairpersons contact information:

Jessie & Josh Duncan

Call/Text: 440-867-3551